Hungarian DX Contest

Contest Rules

Organizer: Hungarian Radio Amateur Society.

Goals: to promote the traditionally good friendship between the radio amateurs.

Date and time: The 3rd full weekend of January, between Saturday 12:00 UT to Sunday 11:59 UT. On January 19-20th, 2019.

Participants: any licensed radio amateur stations or SWLs.


QRP: Max 5W out
LP: Max 100W out
HP: Max 1500W out

The Categories to be used in the header of the Cabrillo log files can be found on the contest home page ( under the Submit Log / Example Cabrillo menu.

Frequencies: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m amateur bands considering  the contest preferred segments of the entrant’s own IARU Region band plan.

Modes: A1A (CW) and A3J (SSB). Calls: CQ TEST or CQ CONTEST

Contacts: Any stations around the world can contact as many other stations around the world as possible. The entrant can work once with the same station in the same band except in MIX categories where the entrant can work both CW and SSB with the same station in the same band.

Exchange: RS(T) + QSO consequent serial number from 001. MM stations shall use separate serial numbers on each bands, starting with 001.

Stations operating from HUNGARY - RS(T) give their HA-DXC membership number or two letters county code.

(The new membership number multipliers may not be correctly handled by some contest software. Anyway, just submit your Cabrillo file after the contest and our valuator software will check all QSOs and recalculates points and multipliers.)

Hungarian county codes: ZA, GY, VA, KO, VE, SO, TO, BA, FE, BP, NG, HE, PE, SZ, BE, CS, BN, BO, SA, HB.


Multipliers: Hungarian counties and HA-DXC member numbers per band.

 Total score: Sum of QSO points multiplied by sum of multipliers. If no Hungarian stations were reached multiply QSO points by one.

 Logs: Only Cabrillo format accepted. Cabrillo files should be

If you cannot create a Cabrillo file please use our simple manual log editor interface on the web under the following URL:

Please copy only plain text into the editor QSO window. The best to use is NotePad for copy-paste the QSOs.

In the case you email your log the valuator robot will not accept any format other than Cabrillo. (NO EXCEL, NO PDF, NO WORD etc.)

If you have any questions or remarks please use our information e-mail: address:

Deadline of log submission is not later than 14 days after the contest (February 3th, 2019 based on email timestamp)

Contest software: Most of the well-known contest software are available for this contest. Check your favorite software for latest upgrade.

Awards: Every contest participant gets a certification which will be available for download on the contest home page after publishing the final result. The winner of the category can get a plaque in case of sponsorship.